ViewMe is a "rich videoconferencing" platform which can be used on desktops and mobile devices. The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences has a licence, but an account is only needed to create meetings, not to use them. (If you would like to try it out, which is encouraged, please contact David.)


To get the desktop client on university-managed Windows computers, you can use the UON software portal or contact IT Services. Alternatively, visit the download page (or you can choose from all available platforms). For iOS and Android, please download the ViewMe app from your phone's app store.

Try it

You can join the CARMA Test Room using this link (you need the client installed for this link to work), via your web browser, or manually join the meeting "carmatest" from the client or your browser (or use meeting number 1951304626).

Log in and create meetings

You can log in at, using your email address, and use that site to create your own meetings. When your account was created you were sent a temporary password; please change this when you first log in.

Meeting options

Below is a screenshot of the full range of options that can be set for a meeting. At the moment, only the site manager can set these, so please create your meeting and then contact David or Andrew to have things changed.

ViewMe meeting options