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  1. Feb 8th ``The calculation of pi. How, why, what?'' Nova Scotia Institute of Science, Halifax.

  2. Mar 4th ``Quadratic Mean Iterations,'' Carleton University/Universit d'Ottawa joint Colloquium, Carleton University, Ottawa.

  3. April 12th ``Quadratic Mean Iterations,'' Seminar, Rutger's University, New Brunswick New Jersey.

  4. April 14th ``Pi and the arithmetic-geometric mean,'' Colloquium, Rutger's University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

  5. May 12th ``APICS/FRASER medal presentation talk,'' Dalhousie, Halifax.

  6. June 9th ``Minimal CUSCOS and their applications,'' Plenary talk, Conference on Fixed Point Theory, CIRM, Marseille.

  7. June 12th ``Minimal CUSCOS and Preisses theorem,'' Miniconference on Optimization Theory, University of Pau, France.

  8. Oct 17th ``Semi-finite convex programming,'' ORSA/TIMS National Meeting, New York (presented by A. Lewis).

  9. November 30th ``Pi, Euler, Ramanujan, and MAPLE'', Colloquium, Department of Computer Science, University of Manitoba.