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  1. January 22nd ``A smooth variational principle,'' AMS Winter meetings, San Antonio

  2. March 19th ``Ramanujan, modular equations and pi,'' Colloquium, Concordia

  3. March 24th ``Order complementarity,'' Colloquium, University of Western Ontario

  4. March 26th ``A smooth variational principle,'' Analysis/Applied Math seminar, University of Toronto.

  5. June 1st ``Ramanujan, modular equations and approximations to pi,'' Ramanujan Centenary Meeting, University of Illinois.

  6. June 25th ``A smooth variational principle,'' Franco-Quebec Conference on Non-linear Analysis, Perpignan.

  7. July 21st ``A theta identity of Ramanujan's and applications,'' AMS Summer Research Institute, Bowdoin College, Maine.

  8. October 15th ``Spectral analysis via convex programming,'' Charnes' 70th birthday conference, IC2, University of Texas at Austin.

  9. December 15th ``The arithmetic-geometric mean of Gauss and Legendre: An Excursion,'' Canadian Mathematical Society, Coxeter-James Lecture, Vancouver.