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Other manuscripts

  1. David H. Bailey and Jonathan M. Borwein, ``High-Precision Arithmetic: Opportunities and Challenges." Preprint, August 2013.

  2. D. H. Bailey, J. Borwein, U. Martin, Salvy and M. Taufer,``Opportunities and Challenges in 21st Century Mathematical Computation:
    ICERM Workshop Report" , July 10-14, 2014. In collaboration with the workshop participants. Preprint, January 2013.

  3. D.H. Bailey, J.M. Borwein, M. Lopez de Prado, and Qiji Zhu, `` Computing the Probability of Over-Fitting in the Back-Testing and Optimization of Investment Strategies." Preprint September 2013. Available at

  4. D. H. Bailey, J. Borwein, R. J. LeVeque, W. Rider, W. Stein, and V. Stodden, ``Setting the Default to Reproducible. Report on the ICERM Workshop: Reproducibility in Computational and Experimental Mathematics." December 10-14, 2012. In collaboration with the workshop participants. Preprint, January 2013. Available at

  5. Jonathan M. Borwein and Liangjin Yao, ``Maximally monotone operators of negative infimum type are of dense type: the proof revisited." Preprint, June 2012.

  6. D. H. Bailey, J.M. Borwein, C. S. Calude, M. J. Dinneen, M. Dumitrescu, and A. Yee, ``Normality and pi." Preprint February 2012. Available at

  7. Heinz H. Bauschke, Jonathan M., Xianfu Wang and Liangjin Yao, ``For maximally monotone linear relations, dense type, negative-infimum type, and Fitzpatrick-Phelps type all coincide with monotonicity of the adjoint." Available at

  8. Jonathan M. Borwein, Andrew Eberhard and Liangjin Yao, ``Monotone operators of type FPV." Preprint, August 2011.

  9. D.H. Bailey and J.M. Borwein, ``The Greatest Mathematical Discovery?" Blog, May 2011.

  10. Jonathan M. Borwein, ``Talking to Telstra: Two weeks spent with Australia's largest Telco." Response to Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) enquiry, Reconnecting the Customer, Sept 27, 2010.

  11. M. Bacák, J. Borwein, and B. Sims, ``Differentiability of convex functions in CAT(0) spaces." Preprint August 2010.

  12. J.M. Borwein and A.C. Eberhard, ``Banach spaces of type (NI) and monotone operators on non-reflexive spaces," June 2008. [D-drive Preprint 38x]

  13. D. Bailey, J. Borwein, R. Crandall and D. Manna, ``Heisenberg spin integrals," preprint, August 2007.

  14. J.M. Borwein and Mason Macklem, ``Retro-enhancement of Mathematical Literature," March 2007. [D-drive Preprint 339].

  15. Jonathan Borwein and Helaman Ferguson, ``The mathematics of salt," preprint, December 2006.

  16. J.M. Borwein, R.K. Goodrich and M.A. Limber, ``A comparison of entropies in the underdetermined moment problem," preprint, May 1993.
  17. J.M. Borwein, M. Fabian and J. Vanderwerff, ``Locally Lipschitz functions and bornological derivatives,'' Nov. 1993. [CECM Research Report 93:012].

  18. J.M. Borwein, P.B. Borwein, R. Girgensohn and S. Parnes, ``Mathematical Experimentation and Methodology,'' January 1995.

  19. H.H. Bauschke and J.M. Borwein, ``Continuous linear monotone mappings in Banach space,'' August 1995. [CECM Research Report 95:049].

  20. J.M. Borwein and S. Fitzpatrick, ``Closed convex Haar null sets,'' August 1995. [CECM Research Report 95:052].

  21. Jonathan M. Borwein, Jay Treiman and Qiji Zhu, ``Sensitivity analysis in reflexive Banach spaces,'' preprint, August 1997.

  22. J. M. Borwein and D. J. Broadhurst, ``Determinations of rational Dedekind-zeta invariants of hyperbolic manifolds and Feynman knots and links,`` November 1998. [CECM Preprint 98:120]. [hep-th/9811173]

  23. L. Berggren, J. Borwein and P. Borwein, A Pamphlet on Pi, June 2003, [CECM Preprint 2003:210].

  24. J.M. Borwein and D.M. Bradley, ``On Two Fundamental Identities for Euler Sums," preprint, February 2005, available at

  25. Jonathan Borwein and Peter (Liquin) Ye, ``Quadratic Convergence of the Tanh-sinh Quadrature Rule," February 2006. [D-drive Preprint 315].

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