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Works in preparation

  1. D.H. Bailey and J. M. Borwein, ``Computation and experimental evaluation of Mordell-Tornheim-Witten sum derivatives." Preprint, July 2016.

  2. J. M. Borwein, K. Dilcher, and H. Tomkins, ``The behaviour at the origin of multiple Witten zeta functions." In preparation, July 2016.

  3. J. Borwein, S. Lindstrom, A. Schneider, B. Sims, and M. Skerritt, ``Generalisation of the Douglas-Rachford method from simple spheres to ellipses and $ p$ -spheres." Preprint, June 2016.

  4. Jonathan M. Borwein and Brailey Sims, ``Convexity in ultraproducts." Preprint, August 2015.

  5. This Curriculum Vitae.