CARMA-Related News

  • 24th June, 2019
    Philipp Braun wins best poster at AMSI Optimise

    CARMA member Philipp Braun has won the best poster prize at this year's AMSI Optimise conference for his poster (with Chris Kellett and Steve Weller) on "Climate Economics on the Example of the DICE Model: An Optimal Control Perspective". Congratulations!
  • 1st April, 2019
    UoN mathematics recognised in ERA

    Mathematics at UoN has again performed well in the ERA survey, with applied maths and statistics receiving ratings of 5 ("well above world standard"), and pure maths a rating of 4 ("above world standard"). Full results can be seen on the ARC's data portal.
  • 17th December, 2018
    CARMA dominating Mahony-Neumann-Room Prize for best ANZIAM paper

    The 2018 winner of the Mahony—Neumann—Room prize for best paper in the ANZIAM Journal was two papers and one was by F. Aragon Artacho, J. Borwein and M. Tam for one of their 2014 papers. All three authors were members of CARMA at the time!

    Michael Coons won the prize last year with some colleagues from Waterloo. This means that in the three years of the prize so far, CARMA produced two of the four winning papers.
  • 21st November, 2018
    Promotion success

    More promotion success this year, with long-time members Jeff Hogan and Michael Coons being promoted to associate professor. Congratulations!
  • 25th July, 2018
    Statistical Society of Australia service award for Peter Howley

    Congratulations to A/Prof Peter Howley who has received word from the President of the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) advising that he has been awarded the 2018 SSA Service Award. The award will be given at the Australian Statistics Conference (ASC) which this year is in conjunction with the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics in Melbourne in August. Well done Peter!
  • 25th July, 2018
    Dr Minh Dao wins best poster at AMSI Optimise

    CARMA member Dr Minh Dao was the winner of the AMSI Optimise 2018 Best Poster Competition for his poster entitled "Optimisation Design for Energy-Efficient Downlink Cloud Radio Access Networks". Hosted by the University of Melbourne, AMSI Optimise was held from 18-22 June 2018 with the conference themes of decision making under uncertainty and humanitarian applications. Congratulations Minh!
  • 26th April, 2018
    "Theory and simulation in physics for materials applications" symposium

    CARMA member Elena Levchenko is a co-organising for the symposium "Theory and simulation in physics for materials applications" at this year's European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) meeting in Warsaw, Poland. For full details and to submit abstracts, visit the symposium web page.
  • 15th January, 2018
    Brian Alspach receives 2014 Euler medal at 5th ICC

    The Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications awarded the 2014 Euler medal to Prof. Brian Alspach. This award is for "distinguished career contributions to combinatorics", and he received the medal at the the 5th International Combinatorics Conference at Monash University on 17 December 2017.

    Brian Alspach receives the Euler medal
  • 13th December, 2017
    Michael Coons et al win inaugural Mahony-Neumann-Room Prize

    Michael Coons, along with two collaborators, has won the inaugural Mahony-Neumann-Room Prize for the best paper published in the Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society during the period 2011-2016.

    Their paper was:

    Jason P. Bell, Michael Coons and Kevin G. Hare, "The minimal growth of a k-regular sequence", Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society 90(2) (2014), 195-203

    The prize was announced during the opening session of the Australian Mathematical Society Annual Meeting at Macquarie University on Tuesday 12th December 2017.

  • 12th December, 2017
    Rising Star award for Ali Eshragh

    Ali Eshragh has been awarded the Australian Society for Operations Research (ASOR) Rising Star Award in 2017 (details on their website) at the International Congress on Modelling and Simulation Conference’s Gala Dinner in Hobart.
  • 6th December, 2017
    A/Prof Mike Meylan awarded Clare Hall Fellowship at Cambridge

    Associate Professor Mike Meylan has just been awarded a Visiting Fellowship at Clare Hall of Cambridge University. Meylan is one of 40 leading scholars chosen from many disciplines for the prestigious fellowship over the 2017-2018 academic year. In addition, Visiting Fellows become Life Members of Clare Hall and are welcomed back at any time to participate in college life. Meylan will be studying the vibration of ice shelves, working with Prof. I. David Abrahams, current director of the Isaac Newton Institute and one of the leading figures in applied mathematics in the United Kingdom.

    "Most of the Visiting Fellows come from other countries, which makes the community here very culturally rich. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the academic and cultural life of this amazing university."

  • 23rd November, 2017
    Promotions success

    Congratulations to all of the CARMA members who have received promotions!

    Prof. Chris Kellett, Prof. Steve Weller, Senior Lecturer Elena Prieto and Senior Lecturer Ali Eshragh.

  • 18th November, 2017
    A quantum of fame for Michael Assis

    CARMA member Michael Assis is featured in an article entitled The Atomic Theory of Origami in the online magazine Quanta.
  • 5th October, 2017
    Michael Coons on AustMS Programme Committee

    CARMA member Michael Coons has been invited and since accepted a position on the Programme Committee for the 2019 AustMS meeting to be held at Monash.
  • 15th August, 2017

    Shaun Cooper has a newly published book out, "Ramanujan's Theta Functions". The final page of preface contains the following acknowledgement: "The manuscript was prepared over a number of years and was completed during long leave at the University of Newcastle in Australia. Michael Coons, Mumtaz Hussain, Wadim Zudilin, and the late Jonathan Borwein provided excellent hospitality and a wonderful working environment at Newcastle." Book cover
  • 18th July, 2017
    IFAC Foundation Award for Steve Weller and Chris Kellett

    The IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) Foundation was created to foster the scientific and social goals of innovative control engineering activities. The inaugural IFAC Foundation Award recognises a contribution which shows how automatic control science and technology can contribute to significant advances in the broad area of sustainable development. The award-winning paper “Impact of climate model parametric uncertainty in an MPC implementation of the DICE integrated assessment model” shows how control engineering techniques can be applied to robustly estimate the so-called ‘social cost of carbon dioxide’. The award was presented at the Closing Ceremony of the 2017 IFAC World Congress in Toulouse, France on 14 July 2017.
  • 15th June, 2017
    Laureate Professorship for George Willis

    CARMA director and world-renowned mathematician Professor George Willis has received a $2.8 million ARC Laureate Fellowship to support his research, aimed at developing the algebraic theory of zero-dimensional symmetry. While being important pure mathematics research, this also has application in the field of computer science with relevance to data structures, potentially optimising computer performance.

    Congratulations George!
  • 24th May, 2017
    CARMA RHD Students Win Prizes for Mathematical Visualisations

    The postgraduate students in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences celebrated their research through an artistic exhibition curated by Dr Michael Gladys. First prize went to CARMA member Matt Skerritt for his artwork titled "Relative Reflections", second prize went to Alaa Yousif for his work titled "Science Assimilates Nature". The peoples choice award went to CARMA member Scott Lindstrom with "Rotation of Hyperbolic Space”. Congratulations Matt and Scott!
  • 18th May, 2017
    2014 Euler Medal awarded to CARMA member Brian Alspach

    Brian Alspach has been one of the most influential graph theorists over the last five decades. He has contributed pioneering works, fundamental discoveries, and celebrated results in areas including: tournaments and digraphs; permutation groups and their actions on graphs; decompositions and factorizations; Hamilton and other cycles; and searching and sweeping strategies in graphs. Brian’s example and leadership have set the standard for collaborative research; he has been a tremendous influence in the mathematical community. He is a talented mentor, with a knack for encouraging young people. Even a brief meeting with him has proven influential in numerous careers, but Brian goes far out of his way to provide further encouragement. In summary, Brian is widely recognised as a distinguished researcher, a generous collaborator, a talented and dedicated mentor, and an energetic leader in the mathematical community.
  • 28th February, 2017
    Bishnu Lamichhane now Chair of the Computational Mathematics Group Aus

    Bishnu has been elected as the new chair of ANZIAM's Computational Mathematics Group.
  • 28th February, 2017
    Visit by Canadian Maths Society president

    Current CARMA visitor Professor Michael Bennett is one of Canada's top mathematicians and an expert in number theory, specifically in the area of Diophantine approximation. In addition to his research, Prof Bennett has been a proponent for equity and sustainability practices in mathematics—during Prof Bennett's recent sentence as Head of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia, he ended the need for adjuncts (sessionals) by employing fair hiring practices. Professor Michael Bennett is the current President of the Canadian Mathematical Society. He is visiting Michael Coons.
  • 14th December, 2016
    "Sound Advice" Leads George Willis to Gavin Brown Prize

    Gavin Brown Best Paper Prize winner Professor George Willis from the University of Newcastle was recognised for his outstanding joint original research paper with Yehuda Shalom, Commensurated subgroups of arithmetic groups, totally disconnected groups and adelic ridgidity, Geom Funct. Anal. 23 (2013) no. 5, 1631-1683.

    "I thank the Australian Mathematical Society for this great honour. I am particularly pleased to receive the Gavin Brown Prize because my first job was working with him. One of the good pieces of advice that he gave me was to broaden my interests, and I think that I have followed that advice in this work," said Professor Willis.
  • 14th December, 2016
    Bernhard Neumann Prize honourable mention for Scott Lindstrom

    CARMA PhD student Scott Lindstrom received an honourable mention for the Bernhard Neumann Prize for his presentation in the Annual Meeting of Australian Mathematical Society in Canberra last week. Congratulations Scott!
  • 14th December, 2016
    AMS' Levi L. Conant Prize for Bailey, Borwein, Mattingly and Wightwick

    David Bailey, Jonathan Borwein, Andrew Mattingly, and Glenn Wightwick received the 2017 Conant Prize for their article "The Computation of Previously Inaccessible Digits of π2 and Catalan's Constant," Notices of the AMS, August 2013.

    Levi L. Conant was a mathematician and educator who spent most of his career as a faculty member at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. More information about him is available on the AMS website.
  • 12th October, 2016
    Project Management Achievement Award for Amir Salehipour

    Dr Amir Salehipour (CARMA) and Miss Leila M. Naeni (School of Built Environment, UTS, and School of EE&CS, UON) won the prestigious 2016 Project Management Achievement Award (PMAA) - Research Category, awarded by Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), for conducting outstanding research in the context of enhancing the well-known earned value (EV) technique with advanced mathematics and statistics tools in order to overcome several limitations of the earned value, particularly, when determining acceptable levels of deviations from the baseline plan. In the study, which we published in Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (ERA 2010 ranked A*), we concluded that implementing the developed tools together with the traditional tools noticeably improves the project controlling scheme (
  • 30th September, 2016
    Vale Jonathan Borwein

    Laureate Professor Jon Borwein, director and founder of the CARMA Research Centre, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2017. Jon was a towering figure in mathematics, supervising numerous students and post-doctoral fellows, organising workshops and conferences, and acting as a mentor and collaborator across the globe. His academic output was staggering, publishing over 500 scientific papers and twenty-eight books. Since arriving in Australia, his impact on mathematical research both here at the University of Newcastle and across the country cannot be overstated.

    The following links show the esteem Jon was held in and expand upon the story of his life.

    While CARMA will continue the legacy which Jon built, we know that Jon is truly irreplaceable both as a mathematician and as a person. A memorial service celebrating his remarkable life and achievements was held on Wednesday, 21st September, 2017.

  • 18th April, 2016
    National Colloquium - STEMS: Putting Statistics into STEM

    The Statistical Society of Australia (SSA), via its Statistics Education Section, is hosting a 2-day colloquium and workshop (2-3 June 2016, UTS) to develop a platform for the transformation of Statistics Education in Australia, in response to an increasingly massive demand for statisticians and an equally massive shortfall in supply. Please consider the program at; it includes speakers & representatives from: Harvard University; Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet; Commonwealth Bank of Australia; Qantas; ACARA, ACEMS, ABS, AMSI, NSW BOSTES, SSA; and will include a Panel Discussion session including Q&A floor discussion, followed by exploration of ideas and a workshop to develop and initiate a plan of action for progressing Statistics education in Australia.

    FREE seminar 1 June at UTS:
    Speaker: Dr Peter Howley

  • 1st March, 2016
    Building Statistical Literacy for Success in Higher Education

    A project which aims to improve statistical literacy has been awarded Higher Education Participation Programme National Priority Pool funding, It will "create, evaluate and disseminate a set of digital media resources designed both for low SES, culturally diverse and remotely located students".

    The team is led by CARMA's Peter Howley, Elena Prieto, Ali Eshragh and Kath Holmes.
  • 27th January, 2016
    AustMS Lift Off

    CARMA PhD student Matthew Tam has been awarded an Australian Mathematical Society Lift-off Fellowship. Tam will use the fellowship to visit Dr Francisco Aragón Artacho at the University of Alicante in Spain. A list of Lift-Off Fellows, to date, can be found at the Lift-Off Fellowship website.
  • 4th January, 2016
    In Memoriam: Mirka Miller

    Dear Colleagues: I am sorry to have to tell you that our friend and colleague Mirka Miller passed away at 10am on Saturday 02/01/2016 after a short illness. The funeral service is on Wednesday (06/01) at 3pm. The Funeral Chapel is located at 209 Maitland Road Mayfield (off-road parking is available across the road). Following the service there will be a get-together at Customs House. In lieu of flowers it is suggested that people consider making a donation to the GI Cancer Institute ( More details will be available in Tuesday's Newcastle or Sydney Morning Herald.
  • 11th December, 2015
    CARMA PRC renewed

    CARMA has been renewed as a University of Newcastle Priority Research Centre through 2020. Read our presentation here.
    Well done by all of you.
  • 10th December, 2015
    CARMA PhD student award at EMAC

    CARMA PhD student Muhammad Ilyas was selected as one of the best student presenters at EMAC in Adelaide, receiving a Highly Commended award in the William Finlay Blyth Prize.
  • 9th December, 2015
    Postdoc position @Newcastle

    You will be working as part of an international team led by Associate Professor Murray Elder as part of the ARC 2016 Discovery Project "The language complexity of problems in algebra and logic". More information see
  • 1st December, 2015
    Another honourable mention for Cameron Rogers

    Congratulations to Cameron who tonight was awarded the Victorian Algebra Conference Honourable Mention for his talk "Using random walk distributions for determining Følner sequences".
  • 25th November, 2015
    PhD opportunity @Newcastle

    You will be working as part of an international team led by Associate Professor Murray Elder as part of the ARC 2016 Discovery Project "The language complexity of problems in algebra and logic". More information at
  • 18th November, 2015
    CARMA Member David Bailey wins prestigious super computing award.

    David Bailey has been recognised for his work on The NAS Parallel Benchmarks.

    The Supercomputing Conference (SC15) Test of Time Award Committee has recognized “The NAS Parallel Benchmarks - Summary and Preliminary Results” written by D. Bailey, E. Barszcz, J. Barton, D. Browning, R. Carter, L. Dagum, R. Fatoohi, P. Frederickson, T. Lasinski, R. Schreiber, H. Simon, V. Venkatakrishnan, and S. Weeratunga from the SC91 conference as the SC15 Test of Time Award (ToTA) paper for this year.

    The ToTA recognizes an outstanding paper that has appeared at the SC conference and has deeply influenced the HPC discipline. It is a mark of historical impact and recognition that the paper has changed HPC trends.
  • 17th November, 2015
    AustMS Lift-Off Fellowship awarded to Meks Ndii

    CARMA RHD student Meks Ndii has been awarded an AustMS Lift-Off Fellowship which will enable him to travel to Florida to attend the Epidemics conference in December. Congratulations Meks!
  • 6th November, 2015
    Congratulations to Juliane Turner

    Juliane Turner is a most deserved winner of the 2015 FSCIT Administrative Employee of the Year. Well done, Juliane!
  • 6th November, 2015
    New AMSI funding scheme for women

    AMSI have announced a new travel grant scheme for women (students and early career researchers) in mathematics, the "AMSI-BHP Billiton Foundation Choose Maths Travel Grants for Women". Details can be found on AMSI's website.
  • 30th October, 2015
    Five CARMA Members receive 2016 ARC Discovery Project funding

    Congratulations to CARMA Members Murray Elder, Jeff Hogan, Chris Kellett and Mirka Miller, who along with CARMA director Borwein were successful in the just announced competition.
  • 1st October, 2015
    Matt Tam wins 2015 Bernard Neumman prize

    CARMA Ph.D. student Matt Tam was a winner of the 2015 Bernhard Neumann Prize. This prestigious prize is given for the best student talk at the annual meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society, and was awarded on Wednesday 30 September. There were 48 talks in the competition. In 2011 the award was won by then CARMA student Dr James Wan and in 2013 Tam himself received an honourable mention as did Cameron Rogers in 2014.
  • 17th September, 2015
    AMSI "Choose Maths News"

    AMSI has a new quarterly maths newsletter which you can view at, and you can also subscribe to an e-mail version.

    The September edition includes stories on the Choose Maths programme, "National Mathematics Career Awareness", the "Inspiring Women in Mathematics Network" and more.
  • 25th August, 2015
    A/Prof Mike Meylan talks about wave power

    Recently Mike Meylan spoke to 2NURFM about his research in wave power. Listen here.
  • 20th August, 2015
    Borwein made The Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Western

    CARMA director Borwein has been made Western University's Distinguished Scholar in Residence and will spend March through June 2016 in that role at Western University in London Ontario.
  • 7th August, 2015
    Australia WINS !! International Statistical Literacy Project

    The National Secondary Schools Poster Competition ( involves teams of secondary school students creating, designing, implementing and creatively reporting upon a data-based investigation in any field (producing a "conference-poster"). National Winners are forwarded to the the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP)competition. The National Junior Division Winners from the 2014 Australian competition (Lisarow High School, Central Coast) were last week announced at the International Statistical Institute’s 60th World Statistics Congress as the Winners of the International Statistical Literacy Project – Junior Division. They receive 450 Euros and a Certificate. There were more than 20 countries competing; click here for winners and their posters.
  • 5th August, 2015
    AMSI Summer School RMIT The AMSI Summer School is an exciting opportunity for mathematical sciences students from around Australia to come together over the summer break to develop their skills and networks. RMIT Melbourne January 2016 Travel Grant applications open: 13 August 2015 Travel Grant applications & 1st registration closes: 1 November 2015
  • 5th August, 2015
    AMSI Vacation Scholarships * the chance to work on a real research project for six weeks * travel and accommodation to attend the Big Day In student conference in Melbourne * a six-week award of \$450/week (total $2,700) APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 16 SEPTEMBER 2015
  • 26th June, 2015
    CARMA Director elected to a FRSNSW

    CARMA Director, Jonathan Borwein, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales. "The Society is the oldest learned society in the Southern Hemisphere, tracing its origin to the Philosophical Society of Australasia, founded in Sydney in 1821." It initiated a Fellows Program in 2013.
  • 4th June, 2015
    CARMA financial research hits SSRN Top 10 three times.

    Work by CARMA's financial mathematics group (MAFFIA) led by Dave Bailey and Jon Borwein, occupies three of the top ten places in the Econometrics: Mathematical Methods and Programming list of most down loaded papers on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) website.
  • 29th May, 2015
    Mathematical Logic and Philosophy lectures now online

    Videos of the four Mathematical Logic and Philosophy lectures, given here recently by Prof Jeremy Avigad, are now available on the CARMA website. For future reference, they are linked by our Online Resources page.
  • 27th May, 2015
    David H. Bailey wins Test of Time award.

    CARMA associate, and long-time collaborator of Laureate Professor Jonathan Borwein, Bailey has been given the prestigious “Test of Time” award by the 2015 ACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference. The award is for the paper “The NAS Parallel Benchmarks - Summary and Preliminary Results”, co-authored by Bailey and 12 colleagues at the NASA Ames Research Center, which appeared in the Proceedings of the SC91 conference in 1991. The annual Supercomputing Test of Time Award recognizes an outstanding paper that has previously appeared in the SC conference proceedings and has deeply influenced the discipline of high-performance computing. The award will be presented at the SC15 conference in Austin, Texas, USA, in November 2015. See further details.
  • 24th April, 2015
    Matthew Tam invited to Heidelberg Forum

    The Scientific Committee of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF) has selected Matt to participate in the 3rd Heidelberg Laureate Forum, taking place from August 23 to 28 in Heidelberg, Germany. Only the 200 most qualified young Researchers in mathematics and computer science are granted the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum.
  • 2nd April, 2015
    2015 AMSI Winter School registrations are now open

    Registrations are now open for the Winter School on Algebra, Geometry and Physics! Introductory lectures in the first week lead into in-depth specialist lectures in the second week. More information is available on the 2015 Winter School website.
  • 2nd March, 2015
    UoN Report: "AMSI Summer School success"

    A story about the recent AMSI Summer School appears in the latest Microbytes, the newsletter of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology. Well done Jeff and Juliane!
  • 13th February, 2015
    AMSI Summer School concludes for 2015

    From AMSI:

    Students from all over Australia (and one participant from Kolkata) converged on the sunny University of Newcastle for AMSI’s Summer School in the Mathematical Sciences.

    Students stayed on campus for the four-week program, taking two of the eight subjects on offer, meeting employers at the careers afternoon and finding out about new research at specialist lectures.

    The social side was also a big hit with students competing in a trivia night, "Murray Elder's Famous Bushwalk" and a beach party (despite the minor hiccup of a shark sighting).

  • 15th December, 2014
    Congratulations to Cameron Rogers

    Cameron received an Honourable Mention for his talk "Using Random walks to estimate the shape of Følner Sets" at the 8th Australia and New Zealand Mathematics Convention in Melbourne last week.
  • 12th December, 2014
    More promotion: PROF Ljiljana Brankovic

    CARMA member Ljiljana Brankovic has been promoted to full professor. Congratulations!
  • 4th December, 2014
    Matt Tam awarded CTAC prize for talk

    CARMA PhD student Matthew Tam has been awarded one of four student prizes for his talk "Reflection Methods for Inverse Problems" at the biennial Computation Techniques and Applications Conference (CTAC) held at the ANU from December 1-3. The prizes were sponsored by the Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand.
  • 28th November, 2014
    Promotion time: Michael and Michael move up

    Congratulations are due to CARMA members Michael Coons, promoted to Senior Lecturer, and Mike Meylan, promoted to Associate Professor. It's fine recognition for their hard work and great publication records.
  • 6th November, 2014
    CARMA Member Colin Reid rcceives ARC DECRA

    Congratulations to Colin Reid who is among the newly announced Early Career Awards and to Deputy Dirctor George Willis who has received ARC Discovery Project funding.
  • 3rd November, 2014
    CARMA's Peter Howley wins VC's Award for Teaching Excellence

    New CARMA member Peter Howley is this year’s recipient of the Faculty of Science and IT 2014 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence and Contribution to Student Learning.
    This will be presented at an Awards ceremony at the Conservatorium on 8th December to which all staff are invited. Well done Peter!
  • 2nd November, 2014
    Borwein made 2015 Fellow of the AMS

    Jonathan Borwein CARMA director, was among roughly 60 new Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS): he was cited "For contributions to nonsmooth analysis and classical analysis as well as experimental mathematics and visualization of mathematics."

    See the AMS Fellows pages for: Full details.

  • 24th October, 2014
    Zudilin, Wan, Straub and Borwein win CMS best paper prize

    The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) is pleased to announce the co-recipients of the 2014 G. de B. Robinson Award. Jonathan M. Borwein (Newcastle, NSW), Armin Straub (Illinois), James Wan (Newcastle, NSW), and Wadim Zudilin (Newcastle, NSW) are being honoured for their paper “Densities of Short Uniform Random Walks” (with an appendix by Don Zagier), Canadian Journal of Mathematics (CJM), 64:5 2012, pp. 961-990. At the same time, J. Nekovář (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) for his paper “Level Raising and Anticyclotomic Selmer Groups for Hilbert Modular Forms of Weight Two" CJM, 64:3 2012, pp. 588-649. "These are wonderful and engaging research papers” said Karl Dilcher, Chair, CMS Publications Committee “They reflect a quality and discipline well-deserving of honour for the contribution they make to mathematical sciences research.” “This is a wonderful article that is written in an engaging style and brings a heroic project to a triumphant conclusion,” noted Robert McCann, Editor-in-Chief.
  • 20th October, 2014
    Prof Richard Brent awarded 2014 Moyal Medal

    Macquarie University has awarded the Moyal Medal for 2014 to Professor Richard Brent. See the medallists page for a list of previous winners and the 2014 Moyal Lecture page for details about the lecture. The slides from the talk can be obtained from Richard's talks page.
  • 2nd October, 2014
    CARMA welcomes two new Research Associates

    CARMA welcomes Dr Ohad Giladi (Functional Analysis) and Dr Paul Vrbik (Computer Algebra) who have recently taken two year Research Associate posts.
  • 30th September, 2014
    Maths on Spanish tv

    Here is a new ad for the spanish lottery Look carefully at the guy with the beard.
  • 30th September, 2014
    Group Theory Webinar is back

    The international group theory webinar series starts this week: Jan Cannizzo (Stevens Institute of Technology) "An introduction to sofic structures"
  • 22nd August, 2014
    Mumtaz Hussain awarded fellowship to visit the UK

    CARMA's Mumtaz Hussain has been awarded highly competitive faculty visiting fellowship for collaborative research at the University of York and Durham University (United Kingdom).
  • 12th August, 2014
    AMSI Summer Research Scholarships -- Apply Now! Get funding to complete a six-week summer research project under the guidance of a (CARMA) supervisor! Scholarships: Australia wide $450/week for six-weeks Present at the "Big Day In" Fully funded travel & accommodation Open to (3rd year students) intending honours and masters students Applications close 8 September
  • 6th August, 2014
    UWS senior applied maths position

    From the University of Western Sydney:

    "The Centre for Research in Mathematics at UWS ( is seeking to build its strength in Applied Mathematics. We are looking for someone who works in areas that will interact with some or all of our existing strengths in Control Theory, Mathematical Biology, and Computational Statistics, as well have the potential to collaborate with industry. We are a new Centre and hence the appointment will have the opportunity to help build the Centre’s research culture and integrate our research strengths with our undergraduate programme."

    Closes: 31 August

    Advertisment: Ref 868/14 at

  • 17th July, 2014
    Fran Aragon awarded prestigious fellowship

    Fran Aragon, former CARMA postdoc and current member, has won a "Ramón y Cajal" fellowship. This is a highly-competitive Spanish tenure-track postdoctoral grant scheme, for individuals who got a PhD within the last 10 years (similar to the Future Fellowship scheme in Oz). It entails a 5-year contract with a tenure-track commitment, with freedom of area of research. He will return to Alicante in October to take up his fellowship. There were 175 awarded in all subjects and only 5 were awarded in mathematics.
    Congratulations Fran!
  • 30th May, 2014
    CARMA's Mike Meylan goes Nature

    The article "Storm-induced sea-ice breakup and the implications for ice extent" by AL Kohout,MJM Williams, SM Dean and MH Meylan was published online today. The authors show that the propagation of large waves through sea-ice around Antarctica extends much further than previously thought, and demonstrate the relationship between the location of the sea-ice edge and wave height over more than a decade.
    Congratulations on a fine paper!
  • 8th May, 2014
    AMSI 2014/15 Vacation Research Scholarship timeline released

    From AMSI:

    The full timeline for the Vacation Research Scholarship program is below.
    For more information, including the ability to register for updates visit

    June-Sept: 2014/15 VRS online applications open; advertising begins
    8 Sept: Applications close
    22 Sept: Overflow round 2 closes
    8 Sept-29 Sept: Applications are considered & departments supply ranking
    29 Sept–3 Oct: Students notified – further info about the program distributed
    6–8 Oct: Letter Agreements distributed to participating departments, with 1 month turnaround for return of signed Letter Agreement and first invoice
    10 Nov–28 Nov: All signed Letter Agreements, 1st instalment invoices received & further details received from students
    Approx 1 Dec: Start date for student VRS projects
    Approx 2nd week in Feb 2015: Big Day In (Sydney)
  • 26th March, 2014
    George Willis elected Fellow of Australian Academy

    CARMA Deputy Director George Willis is one of 20 new Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science -- announced a few minutes ago, see the FAA website.

    The FAA is the highest Australian scientific honour one can attain. There are now roughly 475 members over all scientific fields and less than 25 mathematicians of whom three are now CARMA members. See list.

    This election is a fitting acknowledgement of the sustained depth of George's contributions to mathematics. George's citation reads:

    Professor George Willis FAA School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Newcastle Elected for his innovation in diverse fields of mathematics, including insights into locally compact groups and fundamental concepts such as the scale function and flatness.

    Jonathan Borwein, CARMA Director

  • 1st April, 2014
    Registration now open for AMSI Winter School 2014!

    Registrations for the 2014 AMSI Winter School are now open. The registration deadline for students intending to apply for travel and accommodation scholarships is 2 May 2014. More information can be found via Dates to remember
    • 2 May 2014 - 1st Round registration closes, for those intending to apply for travel & accommodation scholarship
    • 15 June 2014 - Registration closes
  • 8th January, 2014
    Dr Judy-anne Osborn: Science star of tomorrow

    Our very own Dr Judy-anne Osborn is giving a talk in the Australian Academy of Science "Science stars of tomorrow" series on "Tipping the balance towards scientific thinking, via Zombies and Maths". More information is available at
  • 8th January, 2014
    CVX 101, a new MOOC (massive open on-line course) starts Jan 21

    CVX 101, a new MOOC (massive open on-line course) will run from January 21 to March 14, 2014. You can register (and find out a little bit about the class) at The MOOC will be based on the Stanford course EE364A, which can be browsed at
  • 12th December, 2013
    CARMA welcomes new member Dr Ali Eshragh Jaromi

    We are very pleased that Ali has accepted a Lectureship in Statistics. He brings a wide variety of skills in statistics, optimisation and discrete mathematics.
  • 12th December, 2013
    CARMA congratulates Dr Bishnu Lamichhane on his promotion

    Well done to CARMA applied mathematician Bishnu Lamichhane who has been promotes to Senior Lecturer in mathematics.
  • 9th November, 2013
    CARMA grant successes

    Congratulations to CARMA members who were awarded ARC Discovery Project Grants commencing in 2014 and managed at Newcastle or elsewhere. They include: Wadim Zudilin, Richard Brent, Andrew Eberhard, and Jonathan Borwein. Special congratulations to Michael Coons who received a DECRA (Distinguished Early Research Career Award). This year the national success rate for Discovery Projects was under 20%.
  • 8th November, 2013
    ARC grant successes

    Congratulations to Michael Coons on his successful ARC DECRA application, and to Jon Borwein, Richard Brent and David Bailey on their ARC Discovery Project grant.
  • 30th October, 2013
    MISG 2014 -- Register now!

    Mathematics in Industry Study Group 2014 (MISG 2014) registrations are now open! See the website for more information:
  • 29th October, 2013
    Congratulations to Masoud Talebian

    Congratulations to Masoud Talebian, who with his co-author Garrett Van Ryzin was runner-up in the 2013 INFORMS Case and Teaching Materials Competition for their submission Markdown Management at Sports Unlimited. This is a wonderful achievement: congratulations! Details on the INFORMS Case and Teaching Materials Competition can be found at Click on "Show all finalists" to see more details of Masoud and Garrett's contribution.
  • 16th October, 2013
    "CARMA Present and Future"

    CARMA has produced a document outlining our standing in the world of mathematics, current areas of research and a view to the future, "CARMA Present and Future".
  • 3rd October, 2013
    Matt Tam receives honourable mention for Bernhard Neumann Prize

    CARMA Ph.D. student Matt Tam was one of five honourable mentions for the 2013 Bernhard Neumann Prize. This prestigious prize is given for the best student talk at the annual meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society, and was awarded on Wednesday 2nd October. There were a record 76 talks in the competition. In 2011 the award was won by former CARMA student Dr James Wan.
  • 27th September, 2013
    International Group Theory Online Seminar resumes!

    The International Group Theory Online Seminar resumes its sessions next Thursday at noon (New York time). Schedule: Oct 3, 2013 - Dmytro Savchuk (University of South Florida); Oct 17, 2013 - Anton Klyachko (Moscow State University, Russia); Oct 31, 2013 - Inna Bumagin (Carleton University, Canada); Nov 14, 2013 - Pascal Weil (Université Bordeaux I, France). Please note that as of this Fall semester we are going to use Blackboard Collaborate software instead of Wimba Classroom for seminar broadcasting. This is going to resolve some technical issues we faced in the past. The instructions will be sent to everyone subscribed to the seminar mailing list ( and also posted on the seminar webpage at
  • 25th September, 2013
    "Enhancing the Training of Maths and Science Teachers"

    A large team from the schools of Mathematics and Education have been part of a successful maths-focused bid for "Enhancing the Training of Maths and Science Teachers".

    This is a joint grant with UoW, UTas, JCU, USyd and UQ (as lead). They have been awarded $2.2 million over 3 years to improve maths teaching at the school level.

  • 25th September, 2013
    Masoud Talebian finalist for INFORMS Teaching and Case Materials

    Congratulations to Dr Masoud Talebian for his selection as a finalist for the INFORMS Teaching and Case Study competition, for his "Markdown Management at Sports Unlimited" case which has been used in teaching MATH3840 in the past. It was co-authored with Prof. Garrett van Ryzin of Columbia University.

    The purpose of this annual competition is to encourage the creation, dissemination, and classroom use of new, unpublished cases in operations research and the management sciences. The finalists will be presented at a special open session of the annual INFORMS meeting and a panel of judges will select the winning entry based on these presentations. General information on the prize and last year's winners can be found at here.

  • 16th September, 2013
    2013 Golden Goose Awards announced

    The Golden Goose Awards go to two sets of award winners "whose federally funded research may not have seemed to have significant practical applications at the time it was conducted but has resulted in tremendous societal and economic benefit. Mathematicians Lloyd Shapley and David Gale (deceased) and economist Alvin Roth are being recognized for their work which led to the national kidney exchange and other programs such as the national matching program for new medical residents and hospitals. Thousands of people in the United States are living with transplanted kidneys today thanks, in large part, to a kidney donor matching program that grew out of federally funded research on matching pairs by mathematicians David Gale and Lloyd Shapley. Their work, which used marriage as a model, provided the foundation for economist Alvin Roth to develop numerous practical market applications, and their subsequent research on matching was the basis for today From the AMS website:
  • 6th September, 2013
    2013-2014 Summer Scholarships

    Each summer universities and other places put on summer schools, vacation research projects, etc.. The list for 2013/14 is available here. UPDATE: AMSI Summer School registration is now open.
  • 6th September, 2013
    2013/2014 Summer research projects

    Research projects for Summer students at the University of Newcastle can be found by following the link at the top of our research page.
  • 20th August, 2013
    AMSI Lecture Tour: Prof Stephen Boyd

    Stanford professor Stephen Boyd will be visiting Australia in September, giving specialist talks and public lectures. Full details are on the AMSI web site.
  • 18th August, 2013
    High Rank for Newcastle Maths

    Newcastle was one of only four Mathematics units in Australasia to be ranked in the top 200 by the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) released on August 16 by the Center for World-Class Universities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Details are available: here.
  • 14th August, 2013
    UoN RHD Scholarships

    The University of Newcastle is currently seeking applications from high calibre, motivated, international PhD candidates. Applications close on 31st August. Click here for details.
  • 30th July, 2013
    Article in "International Innovation"

    An interview with CARMA director Jon Borwein about experimental mathematics has appeared in "International Innovation".
  • 28th June, 2013
    CARMA researcher Wadim Zudilin promoted

    We are delighted to announce that as of July 1, 2013, CARMA member Wadim Zudilin will be promoted to the rank of Professor. This a highly deserved tribute to Wadim Zudilin and especially to his remarkable talents as a researcher.
  • 28th June, 2013
    Matt Tam awarded VC's Scholarship Top-Up

    CARMA PhD student Matt Tam from has been awarded a 2013 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Research Candidates and will receive an annual top-up in addition to his existing scholarships.
  • 26th June, 2013
    World War Z review

    CARMA's Judy-anne has written a review for the movie "World War Z" for The Conversation (available here). She focuses on the seeds of science in the film, and their basis in reality.
  • 25th June, 2013
    Douglas-Rachford Methods website

    The Alternating Reflections website is now up. A full version of our "Douglas-Rachford Methods" website is available here.
  • 25th June, 2013
    Math Programming publishes issues in honour of Borwein

    The flagship optimization journal Mathematical Programming has published two special issues in honour of the 60th birthday in May 2011 of Laureate Professor and CARMA Director Jonathan Borwein.

    Volume 139, Issue 1-2, June 2013. Special Issue: Computational and Analytical Mathematics. ISSN: 0025-5610 (Print) 1436-4646 (Online).

    Details and papers may be seen here.

  • 17th June, 2013
    New WALKS website now up

    The new version of our "Walks" website is here.
  • 2nd May, 2013
    CARMA and the 10 best mathematicians in Indonesia

    An Indonesian blog proclaims the "10 Best Mathematicians in Indonesia". Four of them are former PhD students of our own Mirka Miller! Read the article here. Mirka's students are numbers 1, 4, 5 and 6 on the list.
  • 23rd April, 2013
    Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference 15-17 July

    The Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference will be held this year at the Mathematical Sciences Institute of the Australian National University, Canberra during July 15-17. The primary aim of the conference is to bring together Australian postgraduate and honours students of the mathematical sciences and enable them to communicate their work in afriendly and informal atmosphere that will facilitate dialogue and encourage collaboration.
    See the conference website for more information.
  • 17th April, 2013
    AustMS annual conference registration open

    Registration for the Society's annual conference, to be held at the University of Sydney from 30 September to 3 October 2013, is now open at
  • 5th April, 2013
    Maths of Planet Earth Australia conference: call for abstracts

    The MPE Australia conference will be held in Melbourne from 8-12 July, and abstract submissions are now open. Please visit for more information.
  • 5th April, 2013
    2013 AMSI Winter School (24 June-5 July)

    This year’s Winter School, hosted by the University of Queensland, runs from 24th June until 5th July. It offers a number of mini-courses relating to the theme Mathematics of Planet Earth. Mini-courses in the first week are numerical methods on GPUs, large-scale inversion for geophysical exploration, and dynamical systems & singular perturbation. Building on these, the second week offers mini-courses on mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, regularization of inverse problems in geomathematics, and optimisation for nature conservation. For more information, visit
  • 11th March, 2013
    Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference

    15-17 July 2013 (ANU) The goal of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference is to bring together postgraduate and honours students in the mathematical sciences from around Australia, enabling them to communicate their work, facilitating dialogue, and encouraging collaboration, all in a friendly and informal atmosphere. More info at the ANU website.
  • 21st February, 2013
    Call for abstracts MPE Australia July 2013

    2013 is the International Year of Maths of Planet Earth, and Australia is partnering with 140 countries to celebrate our discipline’s contribution to the world ( Prof. Ian Chubb is patron of the year in Australia and many eminent scientists and public figures are MPE Ambassadors. This conference, sponsored by the Academy of Science, is the central scientific event of MPE Australia 2013. See the programme at Abstract submissions are now open, and close at 5 pm on Friday, 31st May, 2013. Full details are available at
  • 18th February, 2013
    Another reason to visit NYC Museum of Mathematics
  • 8th February, 2013
    International group theory webinar

    The International Group Theory Online Seminar resumes its sessions in the Spring 2013 with the talk "On the elementary theory of finitely generated nilpotent and polycyclic groups" by Mahmood Sohrabi (Stevens Institute of Technology) on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at noon (New York time). All information about the seminar can be found at
  • 17th December, 2012
    Natashia Boland selected for ARC College Panel of Experts

    Natashia Boland has been selected for the ARC College Panel of Experts from 2013. This is great recognition for one of our top professors.
  • 6th December, 2012
    Newcastle gets top ERA marks in Applied Mathematics again

    The Australian Research Council has released the 2012 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) outcomes. Applied Mathematics at the University of Newcastle has again received a 5 rating (this time, along with CQU). Read more on the ARC website.
  • 26th November, 2012
    More science and art: "Model and Metaphor"

    Another exhibition at the intersection of art and science, this time in physics. Details here.
  • 21st November, 2012
    Newcastle to become a full member of AMSI

    The University of Newcastle is to be a full member of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute from next year:

    "Dear members,
     "on behalf of the AMSI Joint Venture Partners (Full Members), the AMSI Board and management I am very pleased to announce that the University of Newcastle will become a Full Member of AMSI in 2013. As you all know Newcastle has a particularly vibrant mathematical sciences discipline which has been a significant contributor to AMSI. Their membership upgrade is enthusiastically welcomed by the full members and it broadens the base of AMSI’s representation in New South Wales.
      "Professor Geoff Prince, Director of AMSI."
  • 5th November, 2012
    Pi picture finalist in NSF visualisation contest: VOTE FOR US!!

    Jon Borwein and Fran Aragón are one of the ten finalists in a visualisation contest organised by the National Science Fundation, with the 100 billion-step walk picture of \(\pi\). The winners will appear on Science! There is a people choice award. You may support us and vote for our picture in
  • 7th November, 2012
    Mid Summer Maths

    The course, MATH1120, will be offered over a condensed five week period during January and February, 2013. This specially created mid-summer semester allows students who have completed MATH1110 to continue on to complete MATH1120 over the summer break so that they can start the new University year in line with their peers. Enrolments close Monday 17 December, 2012. Visit for more info.
  • 18th October, 2012
    "Music and Mathematics" Concert

    A concert to be held at the University of Newcastle's Conservatorium, Thursday 25th October: "A performance event inspired by the rich intersections between mathematics, music and sound including Rameau's 1722 Treatise on Harmony, the melodic fugal number games of Bach, Froberger and Frescobaldi, the crystalline serial structures of Webern, spectral transformations of acoustic cello, and Fran Aragon and Jon Borwein's 100 billion-step walk through the digits of $\pi$." Full details are on the flyer. See also Culture Hunter.
  • 4th October, 2012
    CARMA meetings page

    Web sites for CARMA-run or related meetings are now gathered together on our CARMA Meetings page.
  • 28th September, 2012
    AU Mathematics of Planet Earth: website now live

    The Australian website for Mathematics of Planet Earth is now up. Check it for events of interest for next year's programme.
  • 21st September, 2012
    Lecturer in Mathematics vacancy

    The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences has a vacancy for a lecturer in mathematics. Details here. Applications close on 28th November.

    Additionally, the English Language and Foundation Studies Centre has a position open for an associate lecturer in mathematics.
  • 14th September, 2012
    CARMA congratulates Judy-anne Osborn

    CARMA is delighted to announce that Dr Judy-anne Osborn, currently a CARMA research associate, has accepted a continuing appointment as a Lecturer in mathematics at the University of Newcastle. In addition to continuing her research in combinatorics and related fields, Judy-anne's new position has special responsibilities for developing innovative teaching techniques.
  • 12th September, 2012
    AMSI et al Access Grid Seminar Series

    AMSI, in partnership with the AustMS, ANZIAM, SSAI, ANZAMP and ASOR, has announced a new seminar series featuring eminent experts. It will be held over the Access Grid. More information (and, later, seminar announcements) is available on the series home page. We will also add these to the CARMA events schedule as they arise.
  • 12th September, 2012
    Group theory webinar starts back again

    The first talk for the 2012/13 series is Doron Puder (Hebrew University, Israel) "Measure preserving words are primitive" Thursday, Sep 13, Noon New York Time. Details: Sure in Australia its when you are stumbling home from the pub after the CARMA colloquium and dinner Thursday night, but you can always watch the recordings the next day or any time after. This is a seriously active example of online communication and collaboration in mathematics -- the technology required is a computer with an internet connection and java (any old version, err, iPads not allowed). If anyone wants to watch the recordings together a day or week after in a group, let me know and we could set something up. Murray
  • 3rd September, 2012
    Symposium on Regularization at ANU in November

    As part of the CMA's Special Year on Inverse Problems, there will be an international Symposium on Regularization from November 19 to 24 at the ANU. It is being co-sponsored by the CMA, ANU, and AMSI. More information is available on the symposium website.
  • 28th August, 2012
    Two articles from CARMA researchers in the Gazette

    Check out the latest edition of the Australian Maths Society Gazette for articles by Murray Elder on self-similar groups and James Wan on Legendre polynomials and series for 1/pi
  • 27th August, 2012
    OANTS (Optim., Anal. & Number Theory Seminar): Mon 3pm

    We will be running a weekly seminar on Optimisation, Analysis and Number Theory. Time and venue: 3pm on Mondays at V205. The speakers will be announced through the CARMA website, as usual. The list of upcoming speakers is also available at If you're interested in contributing with a talk, please contact Fran Aragon.
  • 27th August, 2012
    AMSI Summer School registration open

    From AMSI:

    The 11th AMSI Summer School will be held from 7th January to 1st February 2013 at The University of Melbourne. The School is an exciting opportunity for students to improve their mathematical skills and meet other students. The program is packed with additional events - BBQs, guest lectures, a careers session, the annual dinner and more.

    Registration for the school is now open at Participants are advised to register and make travel arrangements early as Melbourne is a popular destination in January.

    A large number of travel and accommodation scholarships are available, please indicate whether you are applying for these when you register.

    All postgraduate students (as well as staff) are welcome, even if you have attended an AMSI summer school in the past.

  • 19th July, 2012
    Lecturer in Mathematics vacancy

    The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences has a vacancy for a lecturer in mathematics. Details here.
  • 17th July, 2012
    CARMA Outreach Workshop

    CARMA and MAPS are holding an event "Celebrating Our Outreach in the Mathematical Sciences" on Friday, 17th August. For details please see the event page.
  • 4th July, 2012
    Mathematics Enrichment at Newcastle

    A Mathematics Enrichment program for Year 9 and 10 students will begin on Wednesday July 25th, 4-6PM. The first topic will be `The next dimension (fractals and higher dimensions)'. The sessions will then be held every second Wednesday throughout the school term. Teachers who have students who might be interested should email Sally Strang,
  • 14th June, 2012
    Pi walk featured on 'Wired' and 'The Aperiodical' blogs

    The recent CARMA research paper (by Aragon, Bailey, Borwein and Borwein) using "random" walks to study the digits of numbers like $\pi$ is featured in a Wired blog post by Samuel Arbesman. A similar post has also appeared in the Japanese edition of Wired, where it has reached the first position both in the ranking of news and in the hottest topic list. It is also discussed at The Aperiodical in an article by Christian Perfect (and also Lawrence Berkeley Lab posting). It is in press with the Mathematical Intelligencer.
  • 12th June, 2012
    100 billion-step walk on the digits of $\pi$

    Fran Aragon has created a new, 108-gigapixel, walk using the digits of $\pi$, this time with 100,000,000,000 steps. See it in its full glory on the GigaPan website or browse smaller versions of all the walks here. This is probably the largest mathematical image ever produced.
  • 7th June, 2012
    Michel Rose wins Faculty Three-Minute Thesis competition

    CARMA student Michael Rose described his work on fractal box-integral models of rat brains based on work with Richard Crandall (Apple and Reed), David Bailey (Lawrence Berkeley Labs) and Jon Borwein (CARMA) to win the Faculty of Science and Information Technology's final of the Three-Minute Thesis competition.
    On September 14 he will compete in the University of Newcastle finals, hoping to go on to the Australian championship.
    Entrants are allowed a single slide to represent their work. You can see Michael's poster here.
  • 17th May, 2012
    Welcome Michael Coons

    CARMA is pleased to welcome our new member of staff, Dr Michael Coons.

    Michael completed his BA in Mathematics at The University of Montana, Missoula, and his BS in Mathematics at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. In 2005, Michael won a Fulbright Fellowship to study number theory at the Alfréd Rényi Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. Michael obtained his PhD from Simon Fraser University in 2009, writing a thesis titled "Parity, transcendence, and multiplicative functions." Prior to becoming a Lecturer at Newcastle, he held a Fields-Ontario Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Fields Institute and the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

    Michael's research interests lie in number theory as broadly defined though he can usually be found working in arithmetic functions, transcendental number theory, or Diophantine approximation (specifically in the context of Mahler's method).

  • 23rd April, 2012
    Kurt Mahler references available

    A set of articles by Kurt Mahler has been relocated to the CARMA website from SFU, containing many full-text articles.
  • 15th March, 2012
    Successful launch of Centre for Optimal Planning and Operations

    On Monday the 12th of March, 2012, the Centre for Optimal Planning and Operations (C-OPT) was officially launched in the Great Hall (Purdue Room) at the University's Callaghan Campus. The Centre is affiliated with the Priority Research Centre for Computer-Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications (CARMA) and focuses on expanding industry-motivated and industry-linked research, primarily in the infrastructure, transport, and logistics sectors.

    The event included seminars by leading academic and industry experts in the area of optimisation and business analytics and was attended by representatives of many local and national companies and academics from several of the top universities in Australia.

    The programme of the launch can be found here.

  • 12th March, 2012
    AustMS conference registration open

    Registrations for the Australian Mathematical Society's annual conference, to be held at the University of Ballarat from 24th to 27th September 2012, are now open at
  • 16th February, 2012
    Jon Borwein in Microsoft's Top 100 Authors in Mathematics

    Congratulations to Jon Borwein (very much alive), who appears in the top 100 cited mathematicians (dead or alive). Full list here.
  • 14th February, 2012
    Interview with Prof Celia Hoyles tomorrow (15 Feb 2012)

    Margaret Throsby from ABC Classic FM will be interviewing Professor Celia Hoyles live on air on Wednesday 15th February, 12:00-1:00pm AEDT. Margaret is one of Australia's most popular and admired broadcasters, with a career encompassing both radio and television.

    Professor Hoyles is the former mathematics advisor to the UK Government. She recently spoke at the AMSI national forum, Maths for the future: Keep Australia competitive, about measures employed in the UK that have improved standards, reversed teacher shortages and increased enrolments in the mathematical sciences.

    For information on how to listen in your area, visit

  • 13th February, 2012
    AMSI's Maths for the future: Keep Australia competitive

    "The impact of the event was successful beyond expectation and we are looking to building upon this momentum, addressing issues that affect the education pipeline of Australia's mathematically-skilled workforce.
    Professor Geoff Prince
    Director, AMSI"
  • 10th February, 2012
    AMSI Honours Courses for 2012

    This year, AMSI is again co-ordinating a set of honours courses in mathematics. These are offered via the Access Grid by a variety of universities around Australia. For details, see their 2012 subject offerings page.
  • 1st February, 2012
    Lecturer in Mathematics vacancy

    The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences has a vacancy for a lecturer in mathematics. Details here.
  • 30th January, 2012
    ANZIAM 2013 website

    With ANZIAM 2012 underway, the website for ANZIAM 2013, hosted by CARMA, is now live.
  • 27th January, 2012
    Convex Functions Honours Reading Course

    Starting in early March, Jon Borwein will give a reading course out of his 2010 Cambridge University Press book Convex Functions, co-authored with Jon Vanderwerff. Please let him know if you are interested in participating. Details of the book are at Contents.
  • 25th January, 2012
    A song about Alan Turing

    This year (2012) is the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing. Here is a song about him, written by Steve Pride, a mathematician in Glasgow.
  • 18th January, 2012
    SOPA Blackout Day

    For visitors from the US, CARMA will be (gently) participating in the SOPA Blackout Day (Jan 18th). See the effect here. Read more here, here and here (for example).
  • 5th January, 2012
    Server Issues Resolved

    Normality appears to have been restored. Any lingering issues will be dealt with over the next few days. Nice quick work, IT Services: thanks!
  • 5th January, 2012

    3 Jan 2012: CARMA is currently experiencing some technical problems with its servers. Most of our web sites (eg. the ISC, DocServer and events pages) are off-line. Due to the Univerity's Christmas close-down, most of these issues will remain with us until some time next week.
  • 19th December, 2011
    CARMA Advancement and Outreach Committee

    The CARMA Advancement and Outreach Committee has been formed. Read more here. Also visit our Outreach page.
  • 17th December, 2011
    Congratulations to CARMA member Dr. Jeff Hogan

    Jeff was a winner of a 2011 Faculty of Science and IT Teaching and Learning Award.
  • 30th November, 2011
    Murray Elder Promoted to Lecturer

    Congratulations are due to Murray Elder (again!), on his promotion to lecturer. An outstanding achievement in the short time he has been with us.
  • 23rd November, 2011
    Two Billion-Step Walk on the Digits of Pi

    Fran Aragon has created a 1.55 gigapixel image (45469 by 34128 pixels) of a walk on the base-4 digits of $\pi$. You can browse it at the Gigapan website.
  • 18th November, 2011
    More ARC Outcomes

    Congratulations to Dr Murray Elder and Dr Faram Engineer. Dr Elder has been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship, and Dr Engineer has been awarded an ARC Early Career Reseacher Award (DECRA). These are highly competitive schemes, with only 4 Future Fellowships and 3 DECRAs awarded University-wide. Well done to both Murray and Faram.
  • 18th November, 2011
    Millenium Prize articles in the Conversation

    AMSI is pleased to announce that the first of a series of articles on the Clay Millenium Problems has been published today in The Conversation: The remainder will be published on Tuesdays and Thursdays (seven articles in all). AMSI was commissioned by The Conversation to produce these articles and I would like to thank Jim Denier (Navier Stokes) Hyam Rubinstein (Poincare conjecture), Arun Ram (Hodge conjecture), Daniel Delbourgo (Birch & Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture), Marcel Jackson (P vs NP), Wadim Zudilin and Ole Warnaar (Riemann hypothesis) and Michael Murray, Alan Carey and Peter Bouwknegt (Yang-Mills) and AMSI's Emma Bland for delivering these wonderful and accessible pieces.
  • 8th November, 2011
    Join the Conversation

    Borwein and Bailey are now regular contributors to The Conversation on Mathematics, Science and Society. Suggestions for topics are welcome.
  • 2nd November, 2011
    Outstanding Postgraduate (Research) Student Awards

    Congratulations to Pejman Rowshan Farzad and James Wan on being awarded a Faculty Award for Outstanding Postgraduate (Research) Student Achievement for 2011.
  • 2nd November, 2011
    Applications for Summer Scholarships in Maths Open Now

    Applications for Research in Mathematics Summer Vacation Scholarships are open until Tuesday, 15 November 2011. Details here. There are also University scholarships, which close on 17th November. Details here.
  • 2nd November, 2011
    AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships

    Congratulations to Mitchell Metcalfe and Matt Tam on being awarded AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships.
  • 2nd November, 2011
    Masters Student Book Published

    Matt Skerritt and Jon Borwein's book "An Introduction to Modern Mathematical Computing: With Maple" has been published. Read the university's press release here.
  • 2nd November, 2011
    Sebastian Ruther Wins Best Talk Award at AGIFORS

    Congratulations to Sebastian Ruther, who has just returned from the recent 51st AGIFORS symposium where he won the premier award of the symposium, for "Best Contribution". This award is for the best talk overall, and the one which reflects work most likely to make a contribution to the airline industry. This is a really fantastic achievement, as he was up against some very experienced and senior speakers. His talk was entitled "Integrating aircraft routing with crew pairing and tail number assignment".
  • 1st November, 2011
    UoN Alumni Magazine Article on Laurate Prof Jon Borwein

    From the UofN's Alumni Magazine: download PDF.
  • 1st November, 2011
    2011 BH Neumann Prize: James Wan

    James Wan has been awarded the 2011 BH Neumann Prize for his talk Legendre Polynomials and Ramanujan-like series for $1/\pi$, joint research with H H Chan and Wadim Zudilin. See
  • 1st November, 2011
    Distinguished Student Author Award: Armin Straub

    The 2011 ISSAC ACM-SIGSAM Distinguished Student Author Award has been given to Armin Straub for his paper Special Values of Generalized Log-sine Integrals (with Jonathan Borwein). See
  • 1st November, 2011
    ANZIAM 2012: Registration and Abstract Submission Open

    The ANZIAM 2012 Conference will be held in Warrnambool, Victoria, from 29th Jan--2nd Feb, 2012. Details at ANZIAM 2012.