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Sunday (16th February)
5:00 pm Conference BBQ
Monday (17th February)
8:00 am Conference Registration
8:30 am Conference Opening
Chairperson: Kohout
8:45 am Keynote 1
Prof. Alexander Babanin
Third Generation Wave Models Based on Observational Physics
9:35 am Russel Morison
Incorporating Breaking Wave Predictions in Spectral Ocean Wave Forecast Models
10:00 am Bill Peirson
10:25 am Morning Tea Monday
Chairperson: Manasseh
10:50 am Mr Alberto Alberello
Wave kinematics of random directional waves
11:15 am Mr Michael Allis
Dynamic patterns and spatial characteristics of 3D deep water whitecaps
11:40 am Mr Peter Hardy
Threshold latching of an oscillating water column
12:05 pm Ravindra Pethiyagoda
Linear and nonlinear Kelvin ship waves: what.s the angle?
12:30 pm Lunch Monday
Chairperson: Pierson
1:15 pm A/Prof Richard Manasseh
Contained intertia waves and their nonlinear transitions
1:40 pm Mr Neal Moodie
Practical applications of wave model output for the marine community
2:05 pm Ms Aihong Zhong
Operational wave model in the Bureau of Meteorology
2:30 pm Mr Arvin Saket
Evaluation of ECMWF Wind data for Wave Hindcast in Chabahar Zone
2:55 pm Afternoon Tea Monday
Chairperson: Meylan
3:20 pm Dr Benjamin French
Motions of a scale model ice floe in regular waves.
3:45 pm Dr Alison Kohout
The impact of Southern Ocean storms on sea ice
4:10 pm Keynote 2
Professor Vernon Squire
Why ocean waves propagating in ice-covered seas have suddenly become fashionable
Tuesday (18th February)
8:00 am Conference Registration
Chairperson: Bennetts
8:30 am Keynote 3
Paul Martin
N masses on a string
9:20 am Dr Fabien Montiel
Propagation of a directional wave spectrum through random arrays of scatterers
9:45 am Prof Dr Malte Peter
Spectral analysis of wave propagation through disordered multiple-row arrays of scatterers
10:10 am Morning Tea Tuesday
Chairperson: Montiel
10:50 am Keynote 4
Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia
Mathematical contributions to the modeling of sign-changing index materials
11:40 am Dr Mike Smith
Spectrum shifting and lifting in photonic crystals with negative-index materials
12:05 pm Camille Carvalho
Revealing guided modes in a plasmonic waveguide using Perfectly Matched Layers at the corners
12:30 pm Lunch Tuesday
Chairperson: Chung
1:15 pm Keynote 5
Dr Vincent Pagneux
Effect of symmetry defect on the edge resonance in elastic plate.
2:05 pm A/Prof Richard Manasseh
The self-consistent model for multiple scattering applied to bubble acoustics
2:30 pm Dr Xavier Barthelemy
Highly non-linear unsteady surface waves properties: kinematics and slowdown
2:55 pm Afternoon Tea Tuesday
Chairperson: Peter
3:20 pm Dr Hyuck Chung
Attenuation of ocean waves due to random perturbations in the seabed profile
3:45 pm Sebastian Rupprecht
Modulation of water waves by a rough floating thin elastic plate
4:10 pm Keynote 6
Professor Kenneth Golden
Homogenization for Sea Ice
7:00 pm Conference Dinner
Wednesday (19th February)
8:00 am Conference Registration
Chairperson: McPhedran
8:30 am Keynote 7
Professor Natasha Movchan
Modelling of the dynamic response of structured solids: localisation and transmission resonances
9:20 am Mr Duncan Joyce
.An integral equation method of homogenization.
9:45 am Miss Ruth Voisey
Infinite periodic approximant structures as representations of quasiperiodic structures in acoustic multiple scattering.
10:10 am A/Prof. Chris Poulton
Stimulated Brillouin Scattering: harnessing the interaction between sound and light in nanophotonics
10:35 am Morning Tea Wednesday
Chairperson: Smith
11:00 am Keynote 8
Graeme Milton
The searchlight effect in hyperbolic media
11:50 am Mr. Christian Wolff
Numerical treatment of spontaneous emission from finite photonic crystals
12:15 pm Miss Victoria Andrew
Acoustic wave scattering from doubly periodic arrays and the efficient evaluation of the 3D doubly periodic Green's function
12:40 pm Lunch Wednesday
Chairperson: Poulton
1:20 pm Dr Tom Shearer
Antiplane elastic wave cloaking using metamaterials, homogenization and hyperelasticity
1:45 pm Simon Marmorat
Time domain computation of the scattering of waves by small heterogeneities
2:10 pm Keynote 9
Professor Lindsay Botten
Semi-analytic Methods for Modelling 2D and 3D Photonic and Metamaterial Structures
3:00 pm Conference Closing