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Priority Research Centre for Computer-Assisted
Research Mathematics and its Applications

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CARMA forms the base for a vibrant cross-university and intra-university Priority Research Centre. There is no other corresponding group in Australia and there are very few internationally. Mathematics, as "the language of high technology", underpins all facets of modern life and current Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and yet no other research centre exists which focuses on the implications of developments in ICT, present and future, for the practice of research mathematics. CARMA partly fills this gap through the exploitation and development of techniques and tools for computer-assisted discovery and data-mining including mathematical visualization. CARMA research spans Computation Analysis and Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Linear and Nonlinear Analysis, Optimisation and Simulation, Topological Groups, Harmonic Analysis, Number Theory and Functional Analysis. Advanced mathematical computation is equally essential to the solution of real-world problems; sophisticated mathematics is core to software used by decision-makers, engineers, scientists, managers and those who design, plan and control the products and systems key to present-day life.
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  • To perform research and development relating to the informed use of computers as an adjunct to mathematical discovery (including current advances in cognitive science, in information technology, operations research and theoretical computer science).
  • To perform research and development of mathematics underlying computer-based decision support systems, particularly in automation and optimization of scheduling, planning and design activities, and to undertake mathematical modelling of such activities.
  • To promote and advise on the use of appropriate tools (hardware, software, databases, learning object repositories, mathematical knowledge management, collaborative technology) in academia, education and industry.
  • To make the University of Newcastle a world-leading institution for Computer Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications.
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