Unicast bridge enable bug for windows

There is a current bug for Windows users in which prevents them to enable a Unicast Bridge that is currently listed as "disabled" via the Venue Client. Normally you would (this works for Mac and Linux) open up Tools -> Preferences -> Bridging, select a bridge, right click on the “disable” text and select enable. This doesn't work on either Windows XP or Windows 7.

Bug has been logged via bugzilla (Bug 1975).

The following provides a work around, which is to edit the following text file manually:

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Access Grid Frequently Asked Questions

The Access Grid FAQ v0.3, June 16, 2009


1.0 Administration Issues
1.1 Where can I find an up-to-date copy of this FAQ?
1.2 Who wrote this FAQ?

2.0 About Access Grid
2.1 What is The Access Grid?
2.2 Where is it used and by how many people?

3.0 Setting Up Hardware and Software
3.1 What software is required?
3.2 What hardware is required?

4.0 Basic Operations
4.1 How do I manage the Venue Client?
4.2 How do I join A Venue?
4.3 How do I enable sound?
4.4 How do I enable video?

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Suggested Regional Unicast Bridges

A suggested list of regional unicast Access Grid bridges can be found below:


  • APAG

  • ARCS-Perth

  • ARCS-Melbourne


  • WestGrid


  • KIST



United Kingdom

  • AGSC

  • AGSC_Backup

United States

  • Argonne

Firewall Configuration for the Access Grid

Purpose of the Document

The Access Grid is a software suite that provides video, audio and file collaboration, built on well-known streaming audio (Robust Audio Tool, or RAT) and Vic (Video Conferencing tool). This document seeks to help network administrators implement Access Grid with respect to local security policies and firewalls.

Please send any questions or concerns about this document to, or file a bug against it under Documentation in the Access Grid Bugzilla (1).

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Possible solution to getting Media tools to work under Windows

This page has been designed to assist those that have installed the Access Grid Toolkit (AG 3.2beta and 3.1) on Windows and find that none of the media tools (vic and rat) start when a Venue has been entered

Please note that this fix "breaks" the use of shared Apps!


  • Can enter a “Virtual Venue” fine.  Can see participants and chat within the text area, but none of the media tools start up.

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General Clearone Echo Canceller Information and tips and tricks!

The following information has been provided by Dean Gray (AV Technical Services – Deakin), which provide some tips and tricks with getting the most out of your ClearOne Devices, especially the XAP and Converge systems.

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Potential Authentication Proxy “work around” for getting Unicast Bridge Listing

For those who have problems connecting to the unicast registry peer, thereby having the problem of having no unicast bridges listed, a possible workaround is to have a local copy of the peers.txt file and point to that file within the bridge registry preferences.

This can be achieved by:

  • Creating the peers.txt file and have it containing the following single line:

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Clearone Device Configuration Examples

In an effort to assist people configuring their Clearone devices, a few example configurations have been posted for people to look at and compare.

I hope you find them useful:

Converge Devices

CQU Rockhampton current configuration (converge 880) 13-02-08.txt

Simply download the file and rename *.txt to *.cfg

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Using Google Maps to determine GPS location

The Access Grid Node Listing lets one specify GPS coordinates of an Access Grid. These show up as a link to an appropriately centred Google Map. In future, GPS coordinates can be used for inferring time zones, drawing maps of world-wide Access Grid usage, etc. As we encourage all node listings to have accurate GPS coordinates, here's a guide to finding yours ... If you are already familiar with Google Maps and how to find your location at maximum zoom, skip to the final paragraphs of this document.

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The Design Considerations for a Room Based Access Grid Node

It is extremely important how the room is to be used, before any design decisions can be made.  Is the room going to be used as for:

  • Small group collaboration;
  • Research seminars; or
  • Large lecture teachings.

Once the decision has been made on the use of the room, the following items provide information on the various design considerations when building an Access Grid Room.

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