VB Multicast Bridge

VB is an AccessGrid shared application that is used with the VX service as an advanced multicast bridging solution.

VB is a Java 1.5 application and GUI that is used to request and configure VX services.

VB and VX work together to form a bi-directional multicast bridging solution. The VB GUI offers full access to VX functionality, including video and audio transcoding and merging capabilities.

One of the key features of VB is that it is a also multicast sender and receiver and thus the AccessGrid media tools need not be restarted/reconfigured when the bridge is activated.

VB will also attempt to traverse any NAT/firewall found on the local network.

VB can be run standalone from the command line or as a Shared Application through the Access Grid Venue Client.


Official releasesDateSizeLinks
1.0-beta2007-Apr-116.02 MB