Shared Rasmol

RasMol is a widely used program for molecular graphics visualisation. See the RasMol web site for more general information.

SharedRasMol running

Thomas Uram of Argonne National Laboratory created a Shared Application version of Rasmol, version for use in the Access Grid. An example of SharedApplication RasMol is shown above. Some enhancements have been implemented at the University of Queensland Vislab by Stephane Bidet, a visiting student from University in France. These enhancements were:

  • Fix a 99% cpu usage bug: when run without a terminal (the main use situation when running as a Shared Application), RasMol would freerun looking for input from the non-existant terminal

  • Fix a session joining problem: notification of a participant taking the lead was not being correctly processed, resulting in new participants not being able to join the session.

  • Update version: Thomas Uram's original changes together with our Rasmol bug fix were applied to the latest release of RasMol (version 2.7.3)

Please visit the Project Homepage for additional information and download files.