High Definition Video (HD vic)

This project is based upon the work done at the University of Queensland's VisLab.

This project aims to provide the best possible video for use in the Access Grid. The default H.261 codec was designed for (by today's standards) low bandwidth networks. While it does that quite well, its high compression and low resolution (320x240) don't allow it to be described as "high quality".

This project does not necessarily aim to accommodate low bandwidth networks; as it aims to provide the best video quality possible - limited only by our hardware budget, not network capability. Thus, native PAL and NTSC size streams are our base targets, higher sizes if possible.

DV standard specifies 720x576 @ 25fps; HDV is an interlaced 1440x1080 format which emulates true HDTV (1920x1080) by using non-square (4x3) pixels - 1440*4/3 = 1920. Both DV and HDV require 25Mb/s per stream.

Further, the aim for any solution to be fully integrated into the Access Grid environment, rather than something separate run alongside the AG environment. We also aim for platform neutrality, although initial development is based on the Linux platform.

Please visit the Project Homepage for additional information and download files.