AccessGrid 3.2 Bundled Installer for Windows

AccessGrid 3.2 Bundled Installer

This is an installer for Access Grid 3.1, everything it depends on, and optionally several other useful project addons, like:

  • Shared Desktop
  • VenueVNC
  • VPCScreen (send video from your monitor)
  • TigerBoard (shared whiteboard)
  • VideoServicesHD
  • Shared Paint
  • Shared OSG
  • BlackMagic Card Support
  • Extended Video Services (for people with firewire cameras and way too much bandwidth)

It also includes shortcuts to launch Access Grid directly into all the main international venue lobbies, agkiller to quickly quit all AG related programs quickly, and shortcuts to your AG Logs folder.


Initially AG Easy Installer was developed by Ed Brannin of RIT with v1.0 released in August 2007. I decided to help out and update it to the latest version of AG 3.1, add other shared apps to the existing code, and tackle Ed’s “To Do” list.

Any questions or feedback welcome.

Nathan Gardiner (

Install Notes:

To install the various add-on packages, simply select the “AccessGrid addons” submenu and select the additional packages you wish to install. An example of this can be seen in the image below.

A special thanks should also go to:

Ed Brannin (RIT) for his initial efforts on this project.

Jason Bell (ARCS - Australian Research Collaboration Service - for testing the installer package.



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2.1.02008-Sep-0363.29 MB


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