AGVCR was written by Derek Piper at the Indiana University School of Informatics to allow members of AccessGrid conferences to be able to easily record those conferences and play them back at a later time using a friendly, simple interface. Participants of a recording are saved along with the file itself to allow for easy review once the file is loaded again. Recorded files can be edited via a built-in editor.

It is written in C with GTK and compiles cleanly under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. AGVCR simply records RTP and RTCP from any number of unicast or multicast streams (e.g. AccessGrid Audio and Video) together with minimal overhead of timing information and provides the ability to replay that conference to multicast or unicast addresses. Replayed conferences are almost indistinguishable from a live session*.

Playback can be to localhost and using VIC and RAT in a standalone manner from the AG toolkit, it is possible to record an AG meeting, save it to DVD with a copy of AGVCR (see here for a self-contained AGVCR GTK run-time) and hand it to someone to play back at their leisure.

Basic Feature list:

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface with DVD or VCR-like operations (forward, skip, rewind, slow-mo, time-search)
  • Single program executable (supporting GTK libraries needed, can be stand-alone)
  • Record and play back to multicast or unicast network addresses
  • Editing of files - make new files out of sections of another, i.e. dubbing.
  • Participant list - see who was in a conference and filter recording, playing or editing down to each individual RTP source.
  • Encryption - record secure venues and play back to them
  • File compatibility between all platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X). Record on one, play on all.
  • Can be run without installation, from CD/DVD (using the standalone run-time support files).
  • Telnet capable interface, for possible remote/server usage.
  • Timer-recording/playback for unattended operation once configured.
  • Integration with AccessGrid Venue Client via AGVCR Launcher.
  • Windows installer and Mac .app bundle for easy deployment

AGVCR is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).