SUMOVER Project (vic and rat)

The SUMOVER project aims to provide for development and support of the Mbone Videoconferencing tools for the research community.

As of Access Grid 3.1, the SUMOVER versions of VIC (video tool) and RAT (audio tool) have been included in the Access Grid installers.

The mpeg4/h264 version of vic, which is not included with the AG release, is available here.

To install, download the files and then use agpm. For example, -z

A couple notes regarding this package:

  • This is currently only available for Windows, but Mac and Linux packages will follow shortly.
  • If you are sending mpeg4/h264 video, anyone who does not have the mpeg4/h264 video consumer service installed will not be able to see your video. Note that, initially, this includes the entire AG community.
  • The bandwidth required for one stream of video at middle quality is about 1.2Mbps.
  • In testing, mpeg4 has produced better quality video and been less processor-intensive than h264.

For more information about these tools, or to file bugs and enhancement requests, see the project home page.