Beyond conventional videoconferences, it is important to provide an interaction mechanism for the material of interest. SharedPaint is an instrument that allows to empower AG users through an interactive tool for images. This application was developed by IMAGINE research group at Universidad de los Andes.


  • Load an image from AG venue server, supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and TIFF.
  • Session update for a new participant.
  • Save a session snapshot.
  • To add a short explanation to a drawing (annotation).
  • Bird's Eye View.


AG Session supported by SharedPaint 4.0

AG Sesion supported by SharedPaint 4.0

Blueprint revision.

SharedPaint on Large-Scale Display Wall (SharedPaint 3.0)

Large-Scale Display Wall

This test was performed on a Linux based cluster at COLIVRI Lab. Each node is a 64-bit machine based on Intel Core 2 processor (8 MB L2, 3 GHz and 8GB RAM) and Nvidia Quadro 4600 graphics card. The display resolution is 5760x2160 pixels.

SharedPaint 3.0

SharedPaint v3.0 screenshot

This is an example with an aerial photography of Bogotá, Colombia.

SharedPaint 1.5

SharedPaint v1.5 screenshot

This is an example of a collaborative work session between architects, where they are discussing about access routes.



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