Improve Bridge Listing

There are currently a number of issues with unicast bridging that make the Access Grid toolkit non-intuitive.

In regards to general bridge listing, there are a number of areas that could be vastly improved.

Some of the issues that users currently experience are:

  • The bridge listing isn’t always current. A bridge may disappear, yet it still shows as available within the VenueClient. Therefore users try to connect and don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

  • There is no indication what the bridges network capability is. It would be nice to have some status that highlights whether the bridge is behind any firewalls (which may limit important port connections) and also what the bridges multicast connectivity is like.

Therefore, it would be great if someone/people could improve the bridge listing by implementing the following items.

  • Updating the bridge list incrementally to keep it up to date.

  • Having some highlight colour led’s (or whatever) to shows the current status. This could be directly tied into the inbuilt beacon some how. Example:

    • Green – Bridge available and has good network connectivity;

    • Yellow – Bridge available but poor network connectivity;

    • Red – Bridge not contactable;

  • It would also be good to potentially sort the bridge list by status.

If you have any comments, additions or would like to take on this project, please contact the document owner.