Clearone Device Configuration Examples

In an effort to assist people configuring their Clearone devices, a few example configurations have been posted for people to look at and compare.

I hope you find them useful:

Converge Devices

CQU Rockhampton current configuration (converge 880)

files/CQU-Rockhampton 13-02-08.txt

Simply download the file and rename *.txt to *.cfg

XAP Devices

CQU Rockhampton previous configuration

(Has telephone connection configured)


CQU-Bundaberg current configuration


Simply download the file and rename *.txt to *.psr

CQU-Rocky(22-10-07).txt34.05 KB
Bundaberg(22-10-07).txt34.3 KB
CQU-Rockhampton 13-02-08.txt45.62 KB

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