Using Shared Presentation for Venue Client 3.x


This how-to briefly describes how to use the Shared Presentation application which is bundled into the AG Toolkit 3.x software.

The Shared Presentation application can be added to a venue by selecting "Venue," "Start Application Session," "Shared Presentation" from the pull-down menu in the Venue client. Once present in a venue, the Shared Presentation Application can be opened on your local machine by selecting the "Shared Presentation" item in the application list in the right pane of the Venue Client and selecting "Open" from the right click menu. (You may also choose "open for all participants," which prompts the other users in the given venue to join you in the shared application.

Upon opening an instance of the Shared Presentation application, a control window will appear. An instance of the PowerPoint application will also open if a presentation file is loaded in the session. (If you are simply viewing someone else's presentation, you do not need to do anything in the control window; the presentation will appear in the PowerPoint window.)

The control window lets the user take control of the presentation, load presentation files, and/or sync up with the master site. Presentation files must be uploaded into the Venue's data store before being loaded into the Shared Presentation application. To upload a file into the Venue's data store, in the Venue Client, right-click on "Data" and select "Add." You will be prompted to choose a file using the default file manager.

After uploading a file in either manner, you may load a set of slides. To do so check the box that says "Take control as presentation master." After a moment to refresh, a list of presentation files in the Venue will be available as a drop-down list next to the word "Slides. Select a file, and click the button labeled "Load."

Please note that using the PowerPoint window to move to the next or previous slide will not be reflected at the other sites viewing the presentation; the control window "Prev" and "Next" buttons must be used instead.

To exit Shared Presentation, simply exit the control window; it will close your PowerPoint session for you as well. To remove an instance of Shared Presentation from the Venue, right click on its label and select "Delete."

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