Testing an AG's Shared Applications

Testing the standard Shared Applications that come with the Access Grid Toolkit.


The Access Grid is more than a simple video conference tool. It provides a portal to which users can share data and use shared applications to promote collaboration.

One of the easiest ways to test the shared applications is to participate in testing sessions with other Access Grids. This could simply mean that you attend a regular AG testing session run by your local region, or alternatively with a couple of other AG’s as an ad hoc testing session.

Testing sessions are highly recommended. Many of the people attending the sessions have extensive AG experience and may be able to identify problems and offer possible solutions.

The standard shared applications distributed with most standard Access Grid’s toolkit's are:

  • Venue VNC

  • Shared Browser

  • Shared Presentation Tool

The exception is that the Mac distribution which, I believe, currently supports the shared applications “Venue VNC” and “Question Tool”.

The following information provides a list of possible problems and solutions for each of the standard shared applications for the Access Grid.

Problems and Possible Solutions

Venue VNC

  • Other Access Grids are unable to connect to your Venue VNC Session. Generally speaking, this is a firewall issue, whether a local or a network firewall problem that’s not allowing external AG’s to connect to your VNC session. In regards to the QA test, as long as you are able to connect to a VENUE VNC session, this will be acceptable.

Shared Browser

  • In order to use Shared Browser on Linux, wxMozilla needs to be installed. On a Fedora system, wxMozilla can be installed by issuing :

    yum install wxMozilla-python

  • If you upgrade the Mozilla RPMs, then wxMozilla may need to be rebuilt and reinstalled as it has tight dependencies on the version of Mozilla it was built against.

Shared Presentation Tool

  • If the "Shared Presentation" doesn't appear to be working on a Fedora Core Access Grid, you might have to install the RPM by issuing the following command:

            yum install

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