Explaining the rationale for this improvement guide.

This tutorial is designed to help users and operators of the Access Grid to improve their local node quality. By improving the quality of each AG node, the overall quality of the Access Grid experience will improve for everyone, both local and remote participants.

Covered within this tutorial are ways of ensuring that your audio, video, networking and shared applications are of high standard.

This tutorial is generic in nature. It purposefully doesn’t depend on your choice of operating system or video/audio hardware. Instead, we focus on basic concepts required to pass a quality assurance test. Quality assurance certification allows other sites to connect to your Access Grid node with confidence.

Unfortunately, many Access Grid users and operators are oblivious to how their node looks and sounds to remote users. A perfect example of this is audio quality. Have you actually listened to your own audio transmissions? Just because you hear other Access Grids clearly does not guarantee that your audio transmission is at an acceptable level! Your audio might be too low, be overdriven, or contain significant background noise. Additionally, improperly configured echo canceling might be affecting each and every other AG node.

This tutorial has been created to provide you, the Access Grid operator, with methods to both determine and improve the quality of your Access Grid.

Testing an AG's Sound Simple methods to test and improve the quality of AG audio.

Testing an AG's Video Methods to easily test and improve the quality of your AG video.

Testing an AG's Network This section of the tutorial will provide you with simple methods and guidance which will enable you to test the network of your Access Grid.

Testing an AG's Shared Applications Testing the standard Shared Applications that come with the Access Grid Toolkit.

Conclusion Finishing comments on the tutorial.

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