Possible solution to getting Media tools to work under Windows

This page has been designed to assist those that have installed the Access Grid Toolkit (AG 3.2beta and 3.1) on Windows and find that none of the media tools (vic and rat) start when a Venue has been entered

Please note that this fix "breaks" the use of shared Apps!


  • Can enter a “Virtual Venue” fine.  Can see participants and chat within the text area, but none of the media tools start up.


  • This is a known bug within the AG software and will be fixed in AG 3.2 (Final Release).

  • It only occurs on a very limited number of windows install.


  • A working solution to the problem is to copy the file from the attachment below.  Rename the file to and copy it to:


This should be copied over the current file.

Simply restart the Venue Client and once you have entered a Venue, all the media tools should now work.


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