How to Install AG 3.0 on Windows XP


This how-to, written by Jennifer Teig von Hoffman of Boston University and Cindy Sievers of Los Alamos National Laboratory, provides the basic steps for installing Access Grid Toolkit 3.0 on a single WindowsXP machine, and includes instructions for Personal Node software configuration. It is intended for novice users and does not assume any previous experience with Access Grid Toolkit. It does not address the process of installing and setting up media hardware such as cameras and microphones.

Readers are encouraged to add comments and clarifications to this page. Detailed help on installing AG 3.0, as well as any number of technical questions related to AG, can be found on the ag-tech mailing list, information on which can be found by clicking on the "mailing lists" link to your left.

  1. Before beginning installation, it is recommended that you:
    • If you are installing a Personal Node, install a headset microphone and USB camera before beginning installation of AG Toolkit. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully; you may need to install your camera software before plugging it in
    • Turn off Windows Firewall, using the WindowsXP Control Panel
  2. Remove any previous beta versions of AG 3.0
    • You do not need to remove any previous installations of AG 2.x. However, please note that due to a change in the pre-requisites, the shared browser will no longer work in AG 2.x after you have installed AG 3.0
  3. Download and install pre-requisite software
    • Visit the AG 3.0 Windows software page
    • It is very important to install the exact version of each pre-requisite application, rather than simply downloading the most recently released version
    • Bookmark the web page you are currently using, as well as the download page. One of the pre-requisite applications may require you to restart your computer and/or exit your browser; having the download page bookmarked will help you resume downloads/installation more quickly
    • Download and install the pre-requisite components listed there, in the order in which they are shown. Some download links will lead you to pages where you select a "mirror" site; any of the listed mirrors are fine.
    • You will be prompted to remove any previously-installed versions of the pre-requisite software. You also may be required to restart your computer, and/or exit your browser.
  4. Install AG Toolkit
    • Download AG Toolkit from the the AG 3.0 Windows software page
    • Install the AG Toolkit. It is recommended that you accept the default options during installation, especially if you have not installed AG Toolkit before

  5. Run the Venue Client
    • From your Windows Start menu, select "Start," "All Programs," "Access Grid Toolkit 3," "Venue Client." (You may also start the Venue Client from a Desktop icon, if you opted to create one during installation.) The Venue Client will take a moment to start.
    • The first time you run the Venue Client, you will be prompted to fill in your profile. Enter personal information as desired. For "home venue" it is recommended that you leave the default; advanced users may wish to enter the location of the AG Venue Server to which you will usually connect. For "profile type" select either "user" for a personal, single-user installation, or "node" for a full-room, multi-user installation.

    • After completing your profile and clicking "OK," the Venue Client will start:

  6. Configure your Personal Node to transmit video, if desired
    • In the Venue Client, select "Tools," "Configure Node Services."
    • A window will appear, titled "Access Grid Node Management."

    • In this window, right-click on "VideoConsumerService," and select "Delete."
    • Towards the top of the window, you should see the name of your local machine listed. Select it with your mouse.
    • From the pull-down menu, select "Service," "Add."
    • A pop-up window will appear; select the camera from which you would like to transmit video.
    • In the Access Grid Node Management window, select "File," "Store Configuration."
    • A pop-up window will appear, titled "Store Configuration."

    • Select "default (system)", and check the box that says "Set as default." If you would like this to be the default for all users on this machine, select "Save as system configuration" as well. Then, click "OK."
    • In the Access Grid Node Management window, select "File," "Exit."
  7. Your node is now fully installed and configured. To connect to an Access Grid venue, enter the venue URL in the text box in the Venue Client, and click "Go."

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Submitted by zephyr on Tue, 2006-06-13 21:14.

Then, what's the next step. Suppose we have more than one machine for our node and we want to make them work together. Which document do we need to refer to, if there's one.