Multiple communities have built up around the Access Grid. Advertise your community on this page, whether it is a regional community, or a domain community (e.g., remote medical research in Chicago), or otherwise.

Mailing Lists

A number of mailing lists have been created for the Access Grid community since the project began. Review the descriptions below to decide which list(s) you would like to join. We also provide a dedicated search for the mailing lists archives. Subscribe/Unsubscribe   Archive
The ag-tech list is the most active Access Grid mailing list. Mail to the list addresses technical user issues involving software or hardware. Subscribe/Unsubscribe   Archive
The ag-users is intended for general user questions. Subscribe/Unsubscribe
The ag-announce list is used for announcements from the Access Grid project; for example, software releases, retreats, etc. Subscribe/Unsubscribe
The ag-dev list is used by Access Grid developers. Mail to the list addresses issues arising in the Access Grid software itself, or in shared applications or node services. Developers are welcome to ask questions about their development projects on this list. Subscribe/Unsubscribe
The ag-cvs list is for people interested in seeing detail of code changes committed to the Access Grid CVS repository.


The Access Grid related mailing lists are administered by Mailman.

Regional Mailing Lists

AARNet AccessGrid-L list is for discussion on the development and use of Access Grid nodes in Australia




Asia Pacific Access Grid
Access Grid Korea


Access Grid New Zealand

Global Nodes

A community-maintained list of Access Grid nodes installed around the world is available here.

Global Public Venue Servers


Asia Pacific







Suggested Regional Unicast Bridges

A suggested list of regional unicast Access Grid bridges can be found at